Posted by: shamanron | November 29, 2011

Apple Pie

A question I am often asked is “What faith are you?” or “What path or denomination do you follow?” Wow! For some people, these are simple questions with simple answers. But for a lot of “Spiritualist”, not so much. I finally reduced my “path” as a mutt. Yep, a mutt. No, I’m not a mixed breed of dog, but I am a mix of spiritual paths and beliefs. “OK Ron, now you have me a bit confused”. It’s quite simple actually, if you compare my “Spirituality” to apple pie. First: I am as “American as apple pie.” It has taken many decades, many generations to make this great country of ours. People from all over the world have come here seeking fame and fortune and most of all, freedom. Without all of these people that have made this great land of ours, well, we might just be a simple as an apple and no pie. We have mixed and blended until we have become the stew pot of the world.
Second: As any good cook or baker knows, it takes a few ingredients to make a great apple pie (especially if the crust is from scratch). “But there are several different recipe’s for apple pie!” Exactly! As there are several different recipe’s for apple pie, there are several different “recipe’s” that make us “Spiritual”. If I follow only Christianity, then that makes me a Christian. If I follow only Wicca, then that makes me only Wiccan. If I use only an apple to make a pie, well, I don’t have a pie, I only have an apple. At some point in my life, I realized that there is so much more than believing in and following just one path or form of spirituality. So I started studying different faiths, denominations and beliefs. So, just as I go to my spice and herb closet for ingredients to make apple pie, I have done the same for my spirituality. A little of this, a little of that, a pinch of this, a dash of that. And Bingo! A delicious apple pie!
So if you ask someone “What religion do you follow?” and they answer “I’m apple pie.”, you will know what they mean.
And if you aren’t sure or have questions about your own spirituality, maybe you just need to make a pie 🙂
Brightest Blessings, Love and Light Shaman Ron



  1. I love the analogy! As you know, I am very eclectic in my spiritual leanings. I can’t wait to read more!

  2. LOL, one apple pie to another!

  3. I love reading your blog. And your apple pie beats cake any day!

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