Posted by: shamanron | December 4, 2011

Unconditional Love

Since I have a smoke now and then, and I only smoke on the front porch, I pass the chair next to the door every time I go out. It also happens that my cat, Shadow, loves to slumber in that chair. And Shadow, being alert as cat’s are, always looks up to see what’s going on. And being my “familiar”, he usually makes eye contact. And my last trip to the “smoking area” was no different. So I looked at him and smiled, asked if he wanted to go out, and winked at him. Yes, I love my cat. He sleeps either next to my pillow or at the foot of my bed (depending on my degree of snoring that night). When I go to bed, he comes right along. We have a ritual as well for bed time. He chases my socks as I toss them into the laundry pile, then he eagerly awaits the next part. I have a laser toy mouse, just for him. After I lay down, he sits, quickly looking around, then looks at me, meows and chatters his teeth! It’s amazing! I’ve come to the conclusion that he is asking for his toy and play time. So I get the toy and let him chase the little laser dot all over the room for five or ten minutes. Then it’s time for sleep. Off go the lights. That’s when he jumps up on the bed, waits for me to get settled, and picks his spot to settle into, It has to be within my arms reach so I can pet him and scratch behind his ears or his belly. And almost every time, he walks up to my face and give me what I call a cat kiss. It consist of him touching his nose to mine. That simple. Then he lays down, and we both sleep.

Now I’m not sure how other people treat or interact with their pets, but I can only describe that as unconditional love.

I love my cat, and my cat loves….his human! The same applies to my dog, but she is relegated to living outside. She gets too excited and pees every where. But I love my dog, and she loves her human!

Unconditional love. So how is it, that humans, evolving from animals (if that is your belief), have lost most of that that is only natural in animals? And all animals (that I know of) have this, an unconditional love for each other, within their species. I have witnessed grown tigers and lions play, roll around on the ground, and groom each other. And thanks to Nat Geo, we have seen footage of monkeys, chimps and gorilla’s doing the same. And they spend hours grooming each other, picking the bugs from each others fur. And here is the point of all this: they (the animals) do this, regardless of sex! Male and female participate in these rituals! Studies also show that because of this behavior, the animals develop a tight social bond, within their own species of course. And we, as humans, are not far removed from these primates. So, my question is, what happened? Now I do love my brothers, my sons, and I have at least one male friend that I love dearly, as a brother. Now don’t get me wrong. I have no desire to sit for hours grooming and picking bugs from my male relatives or friends. Or females for that mater.

But has the human race evolved so much, and embraced technology so that we no longer embrace “unconditional love”? It’s only natural for mothers to have that love for their children, and immediate family members for one another. But what about the rest of society? Have we let our ego’s become the ruling factors in our lives?

The only time animals recognize sexuality is while mating or when trying to attract a mate.

Now I’m not suggesting that we greet each other all the time with a kiss or start sniffing each others bum’s. But is there something wrong with a warm embrace between two men, or between two women? Nothing at all wrong with that. I’m only suggesting that we follow some of the examples our pets and the animal kingdom.

Spirit (the Creator, the One, God, which ever works for you) Gave us the ability to reason and to love. As a very spiritual person, I try to see and feel, the given beauty and love in everything and everyone. I think that that is the ultimate truth of Spirit. With unconditional love, there are no labels that society places on us.

No color difference, no race difference, no gender difference, you get the picture. We are all of Spirit, “Spirits having a human experience”. And as humans, we all bleed the same color, and without severe defects, pretty much physically molded the same. And even before birth, there is only one gene separating us, male from female.

Let’s start taking cue’s from our animal friends that live among us, put our egos and society labels aside, and love one another, unconditionally. It is the way of Spirit, and after all….your cat or dog would be proud of you 🙂

Brightest Blessings, Love and Light Shamanron.



  1. I wonder about that sometimes, too. Even on a more local level than love as a society, but the love that is shared between friends. It seems that many friends that “love” you this year change their minds so easily over the tiniest of things. A word misspoken or not calling for a week or not wanting to go out and party or some other such thing. The many animals that have shared my life over the years loved me even when I was in a bad mood. They also expected that I would love them even if they had transgressed. Humans that claim love should be able to do the same thing, shouldn’t they?

    • I agree Cris. Our “friends” forget so easily that we are all human, prone to emotions and illness. I think this is the real test from Spirit. When our friends are under the weather, or just having an off day….can we relate, understand, and still stand by them, during and afterward? How many of us have lost friends since 2007, when the economy took a dump on our door steps, and the money ran out? Here’s my reaction: If you can not be my friend, fellow human being, during the toughest of times, I don’t want you to be my friend in the best of times. Those that I claim as my friends, know that even when they were at their worst, I was still there, waiting on the other side. And for any friends I might have lost during the slim times, as a fellow human being (a spirit having a human experience), I still love you all.
      Isn’t that ultimately what we are here to learn?

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