Posted by: shamanron | December 11, 2011

“Can’t we all just get along?”

“Can’t we all just get along?”. An iconic phrase of the 90’s. Used more often in jokes, comedy sketch’s, and late nite monologues, than the original intent. Sure, it was a great way to diffuse arguments and conflicts….mostly in the movies, and in heated discussion, sure to get a laugh.

I read an article from Patti Wigington’s post in about a writer who had questioned whether or not she should follow her future (she was looking into Paganism as an alternative to her current religious beliefs) fellow pagans in bashing Christians, or those of Christian faith. The answer Patti gave was very good, and I hope it helps the young lady and gives her a bit of direction in her life.

But in reading the post, I began thinking on the subject myself. And the inevitable question resulted: Why does one religion or spiritual belief group feel as if it’s right to bash another? Again, Patti’s answer to the young lady rang out: It isn’t usually the whole group. Most often, it’s a single person or a very few that are actually doing the bashing.

But still the question persist, now more specifically: What gives a person the right to bash another person because their beliefs are different?

Here we are, all of us, and the year is 2011, almost 2012. Our technology has taken us to the moon and back.

It allows us to peer deep into the universe, to wonders we have yet to be able to understand. It has placed roving robots on Mars. It allows us to express ourselves in a web based social format that can be seen world wide within seconds. It has given us the A-Bomb, the H-Bomb, and the F-bomb. Two of these bombs destroy cities, the other usually brings audiences to tears from laughter.

But with all our technological advances, all to help “improve the quality of life”, we, human beings, sometimes still act as primitive as we did one or two hundred years ago. And social, religious and status bashing is high on the list as the worse acts by a group or an individual.

Every person has the right to pursue and believe in what ever deity and religion they want (in most countries).

Personally, I once followed the Christian faith. I eventually came to the conclusion that the Christian faith wasn’t working for me, so I sought out what would work for me, and I found it. So now, I consider myself Pagan (see my earlier post “Apple Pie”), and I am very happy with that. Does that mean I am obligated to bash or hate the Christian community? Certainly not! Does it mean that I have a distaste for anyone or all things Christian? No, not at all. Why? Here’s why…

The Christian community (or any individual there of) has no control over what I feel or what I believe. Nor does any other religion , faith or belief system. I am in control of my own faith and beliefs, and in that, no one can change it. And that same rule applies to every person alive, no matter what there religious or spiritual persuasion is. Given that, I have no right to tell someone else that their religious or spiritual beliefs are wrong, and again, that applies to every living person, regardless of their faith. And it really is, as simple as that.

We are seven billion strong on this planet and that number grows by leaps and bounds every hour of every day. The planet isn’t getting smaller, the human population is getting bigger. I almost all parts of the world, it is inevitable that people come in contact with other people on a daily basis, and with the world wide web and population explosions as they are, the number of person to person contacts in everyday life can only grow. Are our neighborhood, community, city, state and country priorities right? Before we, as a species, can continue to move forward, we have to place one goal at the top of our list.

Acceptance. Acceptance of who and what each one of us are. If the “Cookie Monster” is your god, your deity, and you must live your life all things “Cookie Monster”, then so be it. I don’t hate you for it, and you certainly can’t hate me if I don’t follow along. A ridiculous example? Of course. But you do get the point.

If we as a whole and as individuals do not start practicing acceptance of one another, we will continue in this “one step forward, two steps back” mode that we are in.

If you have a problem with another religion, don’t seek out it’s followers to try to convert them or solve “their” problem. Most likely, the best place to look to fix that problem is within. Take a good long hard look in the mirror, past the skin, hair and eyes. Look deep within yourself. Maybe the change needs to take place there.

In the coming new year of 2012, there are a lot of predictions abounding. I will only list my prediction.

I don’t believe that the end of the world is coming, nor the end of humanity (not anytime soon, anyway).

I believe that 2012 will be the beginning of something great, of the next step in the evolution of humanity.

Of course this is only my prediction, my belief. And I also believe that if we don’t stop the childish bashing and start practicing acceptance, we will miss out on a great many things.

“Can’t we all just get along?” Yes we can. Practice Acceptance.



  1. we need hope for the new beginning to begin in a positive manner!

    • There IS hope, not for a new beginning, but for change, and positive change is coming.

  2. Treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play well together. ~ Steve Rother & The Group

  3. hi there ron, discovered you from spiritual networks! love your blog and your life’s story, crazy! you went through alot to get to where you are today … reading this wonderful post reminded me of a song i really like, i don’t know if you like country music or not, not trying to stereotype you cuz you live in sc, hahaha, its called “human race” by randy travis, i’ve always liked it, this is what i feel like, with all our supposedly wonderful technology, look where we are today and look where we were, without all this technology? namaste kalani nani 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. Not much on country music these days. But Randy Travis is a good veteran of the country music scene. And yeah, some days I’d just like to be back in time a bit. It would be cool to ride a horse down to the Kroger for a few items. And there’s nothing wrong with an old oil lamp for reading and such.
      Blessings, Love and Light ShamanRon

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