Posted by: shamanron | December 14, 2011

2012 My Prediction

First off, let me say this….I’m a simple guy, born and raised in the south of the USA. I graduated from high school, even took a few college courses. Mostly I found them quite boring, not at all what I was interested in. So in my writing, you will not find words that you can not understand. There might be an occasional “$5 or $10 dollar word”, but not much. If you are offended by that, then I suggest that you go back to your tea and WSJ and NYT. I write to share my thoughts with those that are interested in a different point of view, expressed so most anyone can understand. Now, back to the post……

I’ve been reading and listening to all the hub-bub about the year 2012, next year, right around the corner. Have you built your doomsday shelter yet? Got it all stocked full of canned goods and bottled water? Radio, batteries, flashlights, candles? Excellent! It’ll come in real handy if a tornado rips through your neighborhood.
Doomsday, 12-21-2012? Not hardly folks. But don’t mark 2012 off your “memorable events” calendar quite yet. Yes, we will be looking at change but it won’t be the “big one” that wipes humanity off the earth. Yes, we will still have earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and all other event’s that mother earth decides to put upon us. These things are the natural order of things, going on since before humans dropped in on the scene.
No, the events beginning in 2012 will be much bigger than those. What is it? We will be looking at the next step in the evolution of humanity. No, we won’t start growing a third eye (physically speaking). We won’t start loosing our little toe (it still helps our balance). No, the next step in humanity’s evolution will be of a Spiritual, conscience nature. “So I’ll be able to levitate my little sister?” No, not quite.
What I am seeing is far better. It will be the beginning of the end….the end of so many disasters we have brought upon ourselves. The end of children being hungry in the streets, of war decimating whole countries, of over population, of homelessness, of intolerance, hatred and ignorance.
We will begin to see many more cultures, communities, countries, faiths, religions and philosophies, joining together, not to fight neighboring countries, but to make this world a better place to live for all of humanity.
We have seen spurts of this here and there lately, groups seeking financial equality and responsibility from big corporations and governments.Even though the “Occupy” movement went world wide, it’s only a spark compared to what’s coming down the pike.
“But there are already over two hundred thousand groups worldwide fighting for change!” Yes, this is true. But as you can see from daily news and events, these groups make progress on a very small scale compared to the over seven billion people on this planet.
My prediction is that our little petty bickering will end because a new level of consciousness will evolve. There are already people, whether they know it or not, in place all over the world, ready to help, to guide others in this evolution. Yep. I just heard a huge collective “Ah-ha!”.
This isn’t going to be an over night change in humanity (I don’t think). It will take a few years to come all together. Let’s face it. Seven billion! That’s a lot of people! But it is coming. Look inside yourself. Take a good, long deep look. Are you ready?



  1. Hell yes, I am ready! Bring it on!!!

  2. 2011 has already been an interesting year. Uranus has moved into Aries, and will be staying there for eight years. Last time that happened it was a period of rampant innovation and change and the parallels to now are rampant. The last time this occurred was 1927-1935. Those dates seem familiar? They should.

    Also, the main translator of the Mayan calendar came out and said he doubled checked his math. He miscarried a one. Which is a 4 in Mayan mathematics. So it wasn’t 2012, it’s 2412.

    • Well, the mathematics mistake should have some resting easy.
      But my prediction stands. I don’t see us growing or loosing appendages,
      but more like an extra thumb for the brain.
      Thanks for reading and for your comment Ash.

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