Posted by: shamanron | December 18, 2011

A Short History Of Me (completing my intro)

After reading some intro’s from other blogs, I realized that I haven’t completed my intro. It helps sometimes to know a bit about someone while reading their blog. It lends a bit of perspective, where they are, have been, experiences, etc.

I won’t tell everything though, as that might bore you to bits and besides, one day it might make a decent book:)

I was born and raised in Metro Atlanta, on the southside of town. I remember growing up with the airport. Yes, with the airport. When I was 5 or 6, we moved to a house that was right next door to the airport. The only thing that separated us was a huge thicket of woods. Being only 6 at the time, It was a huge forest. But the forest got cut down and bulldozed over. There, they built the “Flying Tigers” air cargo terminals. The house I grew up in (well, till age 11) is no longer there. We moved to a nicer home

when I was 11. I learned a lot during the time I lived there. I had my first crush, I fell in love (I thought), I experienced the death of our long time family pet. I was like most of the other kids in the neighborhood, but at the same time, I knew I didn’t quite fit in. And at that time, I had no idea why, and that made my life at school, home and even socializing difficult.

I left home a couple of months before my 17th birthday, and I had barley a clue about what life was really about, but I wanted to find out. I joined the Marine Corps a month after my 17th birthday.

And to keep a long story short, because of my childhood, boot camp was a breeze!

After six months of training, I wound up stationed in Charleston South Carolina. The swamp! I went through all this to wind up in a swamp!?!? Well, it was what it was. So I tried to make the best of it.

It was then that my “gifts” started poking their heads out. In our barracks, some of us used to get together to hang out, or just to talk. It was during these “talks” that I began channeling. No, I didn’t go into a trance and my voice didn’t change nor did my eyes roll back into my head. The only thing that I remember changing was that my energy level rose, like I was plugged into a wall outlet, and that I spoke a bit faster. But I guess that went un-noticed. But what came out didn’t! Always was the question “How do you know this” and often was my answer “I don’t know”. At the time, I didn’t have a clue about spirituality, channeling or psychic abilities. So, I started reading all I could about religion and spirituality. But that didn’t last long. At 18, I met Mechelle and fell in love. A dark skinned, long haired beauty, I was smitten on our first date. At 19, just before time to get out of the Corps, I was a dad. Then we got married. Again, long story short, being young and having little life experience, the marriage was a bit rocky at best. Also, my study into religion and spirituality took a back seat….way back. So life goes on…I get out of the Corps, job in, job out, for the next few years. Skip ahead to 1992…After being frustrated with an employer, I decided that it would be a good idea to get out of Georgia for a while, so I moved back to Charleston, in the summer of 92′. I didn’t know it at the time, but somehow I had developed Graves Disease. And over the next six months, my health deteriorated drastically. By December, I was like the walking dead! During that time it was getting more and more difficult to find work, or even to hold on to it as my health went down hill. And no, I didn’t go to the doctor. Working only temp jobs, I had no insurance, nor did I have military benefits (that’s another story). December 25, my Christmas gift from my wife was “I don’t want to be married anymore”. Holy crap! As if I weren’t going through enough! February 3rd….I can’t deal with the heart palpitations any more, so I cal EMS, just to come check my BP. It was off the charts! A needle here, injection there and I was in la la land, off to the hospital. After the first day in CCU, (3 days total) I found out I had graves disease. My weight had dropped to 150 pounds. Yeah, the walking dead.

So on to recovery. At the beginning, I was on meds for my Thyroid problem as well as for blood pressure. But they weren’t cheap. About three months later, I stopped taking them. It was at that time that I started studying spirituality and anything having to do with “mind over body” work. And for about 5 years, I took a vacation from society. I studied all I could about mind over body, meditation, spirituality, etc. In 98′, I moved back to Georgia. Everything started looking up for me. A good job, my two son’s lived with me, so we were able to spend a lot of time together. I bought (and lost) my first home. But even better, I was totally into discovery of who and what I was and why I was here.

After my initial realization, most of my questions were answered. I started following Paganism, and started studying Wicca, the Craft, and my own deepening spirituality. I also resumed using my gift as a channel, a medium for Spirit to communicate with those that needed help or direction.

Fast forward to present….So now, while reading my posts, I hope everyone has a bit more understanding of the why’s and how’s about my writing, about me.

Now days, with all the changes going on in the world, technology to the point where, when I post this, within seconds, someone in another country can read it. It also means that news spreads like wild fire as well, especially bad news. And that makes it hard sometimes to be human. See, we are ALL spirits, all here to learn the human condition, to learn all of the different experiences that the human species goes through. So good or bad, up or down, they are merely stepping stones, building blocks, each one a brick on our individual paths.

That’s all for now, but I’ll end with my favorite quote of all time:

We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are Spirits having a human experience!



  1. Thanks for sharing yourself!

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