Posted by: shamanron | March 4, 2012

My gifts, from Spirit

Greetings to all!

This post is more an advertisement for my website and services that I have to offer to anyone in need of them. But first, a little about me and how I realized my gifts from Spirit 🙂

From a young age (5 or 6) I knew something was different about me. I never really felt as though I fit in with the rest of the kids my age. I didn’t think like they did, and my interest were different. I wasn’t into sports as much as I was into arts, painting, drawing, creating, writing. This continued well on into my teens. At the age of 17, I left home and within a month, was stepping off drill in Marine Corps boot camp. What a whirlwind that was! But as I was physically fit and that I was brought up in a very strict home, I found boot camp was easier than most others. After 13 weeks of enduring Marine Corps training, I was off into the real, wide open world.

After 3 more months of training in sunny California, I was transferred to swampy Charleston, South Carolina, where I spent the next two and a half years in the service of our country. An interesting and growing time for me, to say the least.

It was during my time in Charleston that I began my search for my spiritual identity, not even knowing what spirituality was about. I visited many churches of many denominations, hoping to find my spiritual “home” in one of them. It was also during this time that I found myself, several times, at the center of a small group of friends, giving answers to spiritual questions, that upon retrospect, I couldn’t have known other than through channeling messages from Spirit. But at the time, I had no idea what was happening, that I was being tested and taught by Spirit (God, Goddess, Source, Universe, the One) for what was to come much later in my life.

As the years passed by, many experiences came and went, some altering my life forever. I was married, had three wonderful children, and made more than my share of mistakes, both with my family and with my personal life. I also endured near death with a disease that came very close to ending my life. But it wasn’t quite my time to leave this existence. After a brief (yet intensive) hospital stay, I was off to recovery. Due to severe weight loss, and physical weakness due to the disease, I was unable to work for a few months. This was to be a time of some serious soul searching and self discovery, which lasted for a few years.

Fortunately for me, the Universe is very persistent. My interest and quest in spirituality never waned. It only grew and expanded. In the beginning of the new mellinia, a new door was opened before me and I began to explore and study anything I could about metaphysics and true spirituality. Also, as it turns out, when one door closes, sometimes many more open, not just one.

During the next few years, as I studied and learned more about my metaphysical and spiritual interest, more and more opportunities presented themselves to me to grow in my gifts from Spirit.

As an empath and intuit, people I had never met would start up conversations about issues in their lives, seeking answers and direction. Although I had been in “training” for many years, learning about the gifts from Spirit, it was during this time that I fully realized what blessings had been given to me.

And over these years, I have also been tagged with a few monikers, nicknames, from those that have found use of my gifts, most notably, “Redneck Prophet”. But I hardly consider myself a redneck, and doubtfully a prophet.

Now is a time of true testing though. As we grow older, our physical bodies don’t always keep up with our spirit, our essence of being, since they are only the container, the machines we use to move around in this existence, and being as such, like other machines, don’t last forever and are prone to break downs. And I am no exception to this rule. Three decades of construction and other heavy work has proven to be too much for my back, and with that, I have suffered at least one damaged disk in my lower back, causing severe pain as well as the damage it is causing to my sciatic nerves. So I am at the point of having surgery to try to repair the damaged disk and nerves. And so ends my career in anything involving heavy lifting.

And this is where I hope my next career begins, as a gifted psychic, empath, intuit, spiritual counselor and teacher. It has been and is, even more so now, to help others on their spiritual paths, to share what I have been graciously blessed with from Spirit.

So, if you have reached this point in your reading, please open my website, and look around. It’s nothing fancy, just to the point. Also on the testimonials page are pasted emails, from a few people and friends I have had the blessings and honor to help.

I wish you all Brightest Blessings, Love and Light in your own Spiritual lives.
Namaste Ron “ShamanRon” Wheeler



  1. Always good to hear from you!

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