Posted by: shamanron | March 23, 2012

What if……….

First, this posting isn’t a call for a pity party or a “woe is me” rant. It’s a call for support, for the young adults, teens, youths, young ones and those yet to be.

I remember my childhood and youth quite clearly. There was a house full, with two brothers and two sisters. Mom was a full time mom, and dad worked full time and what ever part time work he could find. I wont go into a lot of detail, but as I remember, my childhood, up to the age of 17, was not pleasant. There wasn’t the support needed to nurture my ever inquisitive mind, and what I observed as “normal”, was out of my reach. I was embarrassed to play sports (baseball and basketball) because the only training was when I could go to practice with the team (city leagues). For what ever reason, I wasn’t allowed to play school sports. And since dad was either working or resting, I didn’t have the “father-son” time to learn how to pitch, catch, shoot baskets, or anything else. The only support I really remember receiving was for my art work and writing.

As I look back (rarely), there are things I wish I had been able to do, or at least had the home support to better hone skills that might had led me on a different path. As an example, at a thin 6’2″ in high school, I might have become a decent basket ball player, or pitcher for a baseball team. As I got older, I realized that I loved music (even more than I did as a kid), and when alone, I would sing along to the radio. But since I still didn’t have family encouragement or support (while I was married), I never tried to sing in public.

As I said before, this isn’t about me. I’m only using myself as an example, so please, no pity parties.

This is about this generation and the next to follow, and all those after.

Today’s generation has technologies that were only dreams when I was a kid. Today we have multimedia that is truly unlimited and almost anyone has access to it. And it is a very powerful tool when used correctly. It can take a gifted child, and build that child a wonderful life and future. But ONLY if there is support and encouragement behind that child, youth or young adult.

So here is my plea for parents, relatives, mentors, teachers, coaches, or anyone that has a part in the life of a young person: In what ever endeavor dream or goal (reasonable, of course) that young one might have, offer support and encouragement. If they fail, help them up, and teach them that failure is OK, as long as they do not quit trying. And please remember to use passion and compassion with your support. Anger and belittlement teaches nothing except bad attitude and a fear of failure, and that leads to not trying again.

This is so important because the young ones of today will be the leaders, teachers and mentors of tomorrow. As they grow into adults and older, let’s make sure they don’t have to look back and think “what if…”


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