Posted by: shamanron | April 1, 2012

The Right To Judge?

Since the beginning of humanity, we, as humans, have declared our individual right to be a judge. Some have taken it even further as to be the jury and executioner as well. And as the population of this planet has grown, so has our right to judge. Or has it? As a matter of fact, I can remember reading no where in no script that gave us each, as individuals, a right to judge. I might have missed it somewhere, but I don’t think so.

I’m not just talking about judging a criminal, when someone breaks the law, to determine guilt or innocence. We leave that up to our judicial system…….sometimes.

Here are some thoughts to ponder. If they tug at your heart strings, then good. They are meant to.

The last time you were in a downtown area, whether in a big city or small town, did you see the man sleeping on the sidewalk? Living in a big city, I’ve seen this many times. So what thoughts cross your mind? “Why doesn’t he sleep in the homeless shelter?”. You mean the one that is full and has no more room or that wont accept him because he has no ID? Here’s another thought: “Why does that man live on the street, begging for money?” Sure, there might be a few out there that take the money only for their drug or drink habit. But how about the ones that don’t have a drug or drinking habit? How about the veteran that got caught up in so much red tape from the government, trying to get his deserved benefits, and just gave up hope? How about the man, or family even, that was layed off from his job, and in hard economical times, lost their home? OK, so you might get the point about the street sleepers.

Here’s some other examples of our judgmental society: How many of us (and we are all guilty) have watched overweight or obese people and think “He/she needs to be going to the gym, or exercising more and eating less!” Yeah, it’s easy to think that way because we are slathered everyday about healthy eating and exercising in some form of media, showing that a slim, muscular body is the only healthy body there is. But maybe, just maybe, that person has a health issue that, no mater how much exercise they do, the weight just wont leave. Or it might be that some medication they might be on has caused weight gain. And in today’s economy, it can be difficult for some people to maintain a healthy diet. When a roof overhead, running water, electricity, and gas in the car are priorities, food and diet take a back seat. OK, so maybe you get the point here that not all overweight people should belong to Over-eaters Anonymous, or “Lazy People Anonymous”.

OK, so maybe you get the point about overweight people.

But there’s more!

How about the young lady that is dressed so that you can’t help but to look at her? Maybe you are thinking “she is probably a stripper”, or “wow, she certainly want’s some attention.”. And maybe she does because she didn’t get the right kind of loving, caring attention when she was growing up, as a child. And the same can be applied to the young man that wears his pants low, or that even has a drug habit.

We have become a judgmental society and we have also encouraged the media to feed us this behavior! So Lady Gaga wears a meat dress. She has her reasons, and it is not our place to judge that. Whitney Huston died from drowning in her bathtub, with cocaine in her system. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I know that I wasn’t there, through her life, dealing with what ever she had to face. Certainly it’s a sad loss, but it isn’t our place to judge her. But we allow the media to judge her and to feed us, our minds.

The tragic events of the Florida shooting of a teen brought this to my thoughts. The victim: Young black male, wearing a “hoodie”, alone on the street in a gated neighborhood at night. I didn’t know the kid, so I don’t know if he lived in that area, or was just passing through, or anything else about him, except for what the media decided to tell us. I also don’t know what his actions were when confronted by the neighborhood watch man. He could have been fearful for his life, or confrontational. I don’t know because I wasn’t there. The shooter: Young man, on a neighborhood watch patrol. Was he in fear for his life? Did he judge the young man and decided he felt his own life threatened?  Or did he react out of prejudice or hate? I don’t have any idea because I wasn’t there.

Yes folks, it’s a sad and disturbing case, but still, not our place to judge either man.

Again, we have allowed society to brainwash us into thinking we each have the right to judge other individuals on basis of skin color (by the way, we all bleed the same color), religious beliefs, sex, lifestyle, appearance and actions, whether we do it silently at the check out line at the grocery, or as we see people passing us every day on the streets. But do we have that right?

I do know that we have options. Instead of practicing a judgmental mentality, lets practice a mentality of thoughtfulness, of compassion, of understanding. It’s not that hard to do. All you have to do is to change your mind.



  1. I’ve felt much the same way. There’s a lot of judging and control freakishness going on. I’m not sure what makes so many think they have the right to do either.

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