Posted by: shamanron | May 24, 2012

The New Racism is alive and well!

So, I see racism is still alive and thriving in America. You think not? Look around and listen my friends.

It might go by a different name or even look a little different today than it did in the 60’s and 70’s, but it is still here. Now, like the great deceiver that it is, it is used by every type and class of people there is, from the members of a local church, to our local leaders (mayors, city counsel members, preachers and priest) all the way up to this country’s law makers ( congressmen and women, senators, etc…).

Yes! Even our state leaders are unabashedly use racism in order to(attempt) gain sheeple, constituents, voters, you and I!

Quick side note: If you do not fall into the category of “sheeple”, then don’t fuss. If you are active and are making your voice heard, then you are not sheeple. Sheeple are the ones that bitch and complain about everything they don’t like but do nothing to make change happen. Instead, they just follow the ones that make the most noise.

Yes, our community and country leaders are using racism this very day, but they have cleverly changed it’s name and colors! And here is the most important fact friends: It is still based out of fear, ignorance, and shallow thinking, just as it always has been!

Today, the new racism has different targets, not just the color of one’s skin. Today’s targets are our very own sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, even fathers and mothers. That is if they have chosen to embrace an alternative lifestyle. Yes, you read correctly. If you are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgendered, your very freedoms are being threatened. But this is no surprise, nothing really new.

The new part of all this garbage, this racial mess this country is in, is that these community, state, and country leaders are trying to spread their own ignorant rants to anyone that will listen, and most of them are doing this while hiding behind………………….the BIBLE! They are actually picking apart the pages of the Bible, verse by verse, to suit their own misled beliefs and agenda.

When I hear of a preacher, telling his congregation to strike a child if he starts to display a “limp wrist”, it sickens me to no end. When a senator or congressman (or congresswoman)picks a verse from the Bible (the old testament no less), in order to strike down a bill, allowing two people of the same sex to be married, it has me wondering what direction this great country of ours is headed.

I could fill a few pages just from recent quotes from senators and congress people, using Bible verses, to ban gay marriage. And it doesn’t stop there! They are also trying to tell a woman what’s best for her body! And this sludge fest is coming from the men! What do they know about the welfare of a woman? Very little. But before I even start my rant there, let’s continue with the gay bashing, happening right in our country’s capitol, and our neighborhood churches.

The only good thing coming from any of this is today’s technology. Almost all of these volatile, bile raising statements or rants spewing forth like poison gasses against our gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered brothers and sisters, is recorded in some way, then transferred to You Tube or some other media for all the world to see. And fortunately, the same media is available to those that the bashing is directed at, producing feedback the likes of which we have never seen before.
But most of it is done in a positive manner.

The sadness of all this is the separation it causes, and all due to narrow minded ignorance and uneducated fear.

When two people have an undying love for each other, so much so that they would give their life for the other, why not allow them to be joined in legal union? Because they are man and man, or woman and woman? Because that would make a terrible home and example for children to see and be raised in? I would rather be raised in a home of a loving gay or lesbian couple than a heterosexual couple that is full of strife, stress and violence. A gay or lesbian couple is not going to infect me with some incurable disease if they happen to look my way, or even, gods forbid, touch me. If a person has gay and/or lesbian friends, does that mean that person is going to somehow, turn gay or lesbian? Certainly not. But these fear mongers leading so many sheeple believe these fictitious thoughts to be fact, and in turn, spew their ignorance to their blinded followers. And if all this wasn’t bad enough, these same leaders, stating that the union of same sex couples is against the sanctity and holiness of marriage between a man and woman, are practicing against what they are trying to preach! They are divorcing and remarrying, having multiple affairs, even some with the same sex! But, thanks again to today’s technologies, there is a camera or some type of recording device in almost every nook and cranny around the world.

Here is the part that I sincerely hope they see and read.

People, if two humans love each other, as Jesus said we all should (from the very same Bible you get your gay-bashing authority from), then let them be, in peace! I promise that their union will not infect you, you will not contract a disease, it will not turn you into a gay or lesbian, nor will it effect your children, assuming they have a decent, educated, unbiased upbringing.

It will however, set an example to you and others. An example of what a union of two people that truly love each other should be like.

So take off your “I’m the schoolyard bully” shirt, pull up your grown up pants, open your eyes, put away your unneeded fears, and educate your selves on the true values of humanity. Put away those Bible verses that were written a thousand years ago only meant to control people out of unheralded fear.

Become the real leaders that we all need and yearn for.

I’m not a violent person by nature. But when and if you get to the point of stoning people because of their sexual preference, I’ll be one of the first to sling a brick at your head.

side note: If you are sick and tired of the hate and gay bashing going on, please share this post with as many people as you can. Thank you.

Blessings, Love and Light to All! Ron



  1. Thanks, Ron. Yes, they are nutters. The louder they squawk, the more obvious that becomes. They often quote the man lying with a man is sin bit, but not the bit just after which says we must stone such people to death: so even they realise that what they are quoting is ridiculous.

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