Posted by: shamanron | July 23, 2012

Are we lost?

For the first time in many moons, my heart aches, and I am close to tears. My friends, readers and fellow bloggers, we are lost.
Humanity has lost it’s way in this world. It’s one thing when people stone a woman to death because she was an adulterer. This happens because it is and has been part of that country’s culture for a thousand years. But free countries are stepping in to try to end such violence. War in the Middle East has been going on for centuries, over lands, religions and ideals. Maybe one day there will be a lasting peace there. In the Congo, the wars against the poor have been going on for some time due to the greed of the warlords.
And here, in the USA, home of the free and plenty, we have a tragedy and a travesty in the shooting that occurred in Colorado. Correction….the second tragedy and travesty in Colorado.
The first was the Columbine school shooting. And now we have a young man walk into a theater and open fire with military grade automatic weapons, killing and injuring many people. Innocent people trying to enjoy a movie.
To make matters worse, a church (Westboro Baptist) is planning to picket the memorial service for these people that lost their lives. The shooting was a tragedy and what Westboro is planning is a travesty.
But there is another tragedy that has been overlooked, that of the life of the 24 year old man that did the shooting. At Columbine, it was a couple of teens.
Did no one notice the ordering and purchasing of a few thousand rounds of ammunition? Did no one know that a 24 year old bought or obtained military grade assault rifles? And to walk into any place concealing three or more assault rifles, wouldn’t a person have to be wearing a long coat or jacket?
Where are the warning signs? Why did no one see the red lights going off? And officials stated that he had been planning this for months. Even if he had no close friends, as a grad student, certainly he had associations with other students, maybe even faculty. Why were the warning signs not seen?

Have we become too detached from our own humanity to notice such things? Did no one ever talk with this boy? (I’m almost 50, so I can call him a boy).  Have our smart phones, PC’s, laptops and pads taken the place of our personal interactions with other people to a point that we no longer are sensitive to the basic needs of others…seeing with our hearts as well as with our eyes, listening with full attention,  seeing and feeling the joy or pain in someones face?
Since the 90’s and the advent of the internet, technology has grown in leaps and bounds, so fast I think, that it has bypassed our humanity, our basic needs as fellow human beings. Our TV’s and video games have become our babysiters, our PC’s and laptops and smart phones have become our interaction with other friends, some of which we have never seen or spoken to, and might not ever.

I fully understand that the world, humanity, is not perfect and that we all have our flaws.
But there was a time, when interaction between people would have prevented a tragedy such as the shootings in Colorado.
Is it because we are now afraid,  afraid of being sued, disliked or frowned upon because we care enough to ask questions? If I see someone purchasing a 50 or 100 round magazine, I want to know why. My military background is enough to tell me it isn’t for deer or squirrel hunting. And if a friend of mine has a stockpile of over 4000 rounds of ammunition, I am going to ask why. So sue me. At least I’ll know.
And why did no one notice anything odd about his behavior? You don’t plan for months, to walk into a movie theater to kill as many people as you can without some sort of odd behavior going on. SOMEONE had to notice something! But NO ONE did or said anything to stop this from happening! This my friends, is a travesty!
I’m not a degreed, 8 year college educated psychotherapist or psychologist. But I’ve been around for a while. I have even helped friends that were looking for a way out of this world, to see the light, to keep on going, to have a will to live. I have prevented at least two suicides. All it took was a compasionate ear and heart to listen with, and life’s wisdom to help. On my part, it took very little effort except for the desire to want to help, and the will to step up.
If it is the laws that make people fear to interact, to prevent terrible events like this, then let’s change the laws. If it’s fear of being wrong, then grow some gutts and suck it up. I’d rather suspect and intervene and be wrong, than to do nothing and be right.

People, take time, step away from your PC’s and laptops. Put down your smart phones. Now take a look around. With the faces you see are connected lives, hearts and souls. Shake someone’s hand, just because you can. Smile at someone (you can’t do that looking down at your phone). Ask the girl or guy at the check out line how they are doing. And if they aren’t doing good or great, don’t be afraid to take a couple of minutes from your life……..

and ask why, with your heart. You might just save a life, or many lives.
Please, let us find our way back to the humanity that is supposed to be.

Namaste       Brightest Blessings         Ron “Shamanron”    WheelerImage



  1. Yes, detachment is, I feel, our number one reason for social tragedy. Well written, and thank you for sharing.

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