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Labels and Stereotyping……Ouch!

This blog might hit a sore spot within some readers.

I can see it plain as day….. The crowd enjoys all the fare the local fair has to offer, cold drinks, corn dogs, pretzels, etc. You walk up to the crowd gathered around the barker, and when enough people have gathered, he starts his sales pitch, speaking through a megaphone so everyone can hear: ” Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, especially you younger folks, step right up! Available here today and everyday! Get your free bottle of stereotype judgement ointment! Yes, it’s totally free! Just place a few drops behind your ears and you too will have the power to be judgmental with everyone you see! A drop or two in your drink, and you will be labeling even your neighbors and co-workers!”

And some of the readers of this will certainly see how ridiculous that sounds. Others will see the true sadness of it. Of course we don’t need an ointment, salve or any other “rub on” for this to be. Society has taken care of that for us. We aren’t born that way, but it’s not far from that.

I had never given much thought to “labels” and stereotypes until recently. My fields of work have had me working closely with a lot of “Hispanic” people over the years. At first, I tried to use the word, or “label” “Spanish”, so as not to offend anyone. But it was pointed out that Mexicans, are not Spanish, they are Mexican. And Cubans aren’t Spanish either. Nor are Portuguese. So my attempt to, innocently enough, “label” my co-workers, failed. Then I came up with a better solution! I tried learning everyone’s names and country of origin.

I was a supervisor at the time and had 15 to 20 people working in my department at a time, all of whom were of some Hispanic origin. And during that time, I learned a lot about other cultures, and myself.

Over the years, I would like to think that I have evolved, even slightly so, continuing on my own spiritual journey, here on earth, learning what it is to be human, or as I more affectionately call it “the human experience”. And there are some things that society has burned into humanity, almost into our very DNA, that we can hardly escape, no matter how hard we try.

Stereotyping and labeling people is one of them. And fess up, we are all guilty! Even the most “evolved” of us. And besides society’s brainwashing over centuries, we are, alas, at fault our selves.

A few of us are content with a simple life: Get up, have breakfast, go to work, have lunch, go home, have dinner, go to bed, with limited interaction with others.

Then there are those of us that also interact with others in a group setting, whether it be at a meeting place or online. So then we are part of that group. And now we have given ourselves a label. “I am a member of NGS, and I am a Witch”. Some say it out loud, others, not so loud. But we stiil label our selves. So in the battle of not trying to label or stereotype others, we have yet done exactly that, to ourselves.

This topic can go to infinite depths, simply because of the number of inhabitants on this planet.

But I want to keep it basic, plain and simple.

Is there a message or a point to this? I think so. In order to try to end my own stereotyping and labeling, the best solution, maybe not the easiest, I have found is this: As I see a person (notice there is no use of gender), I try to see and/or feel (being empathic) the simple truth of that being, that is inherent in all humans: that we are pure and simple energy of the Divine, of the God or Goddess, of the Universe, what ever your preference is, and that that pure and simple energy is pure beauty.

Is this easy to do? With practice, it get’s easier. But un-brainwashing from centuries of society’s infections takes a lot of work. But I think it’s worth it.

Imagine if you can, a world without stereotypes or labels. Try to see the pure energy beauty of the person in the check out in front of you next time you are at your grocery store, or even better, of your in-laws.

We can, with a little more effort, make this world a better place.

Ron Wheeler

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Ron’s Kitchen

Today will be the first of many (I hope) blogs about food, some Restaurants (the experience), and most of all, some of my personal, almost world famous recipes. A Spiritual cook! Divine eating?I love to cook and to share my cooking and recipe’s with everyone. If I had to describe my cooking style, I would say that it would have to be “World Fusion with a Southern Twist”. So there might be some recipe’s appearing here that you have seen or tried before, but with a twist! Example? How about my Peanut Butter and Banana Bread! Not mixed, but half and half! It was fun to make and even better to eat! So good food is what it’s all about!
Today’s posting: Great smoked Clam Chowder
Ingredients: a cup of chopped celery, cup chopped onion, 2 cups diced potato, some leftover mashed potato’s (about 3/4 cup). 1 quart of half & half, about 2 sticks of butter(the real stuff). 1 can, (maybe 2 if you really like clams) of chopped clams, 1 can of oysters (or 1 bag, Little neck clams, one bag of oysters). Also need about 3 strips of bacon and about 1 cup of white wine(I prefer chardonnay). And 3/4 cup of AP flour.
Now for the cooking: Dice your onion, celery, and potato’s (I prefer diced rather than chunked) Put them all in a large pan. For the smoked flavor, place all clams and oysters in your smoker. It should only take about 15 to 20 minutes for all shells to open. After they open, let them set for about ten minutes, enough time for them to soak in some of the smoke flavor. Remove from smoker and set aside.  For NON-SMOKED,  Open clams and oysters and pour the juice in with the vegies. Add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water, depending on how much juice was in the cans. put over medium heat and stir occasionally (if the vegies start sticking, turn the heat down). About now, take a couple of sips of wine (you’ll feel better). Melt 1 & 1/2 sticks of butter in a large pot. When it’s melted, whisk in the flour. Make sure it’s mixed well. You don’t want lumps of flour in your chowder. Take the butter and flour mix off heat. Now you need a large pot that you will eventually bring all these ingredients together. Over medium heat, fry the bacon(in the large pot). When bacon is crisp, remove it from the pot and set aside. Take another sip of wine (you should be in your groove by now). Pour the butter and flour mix in large pot with bacon grease still in pot. Mix in quart of half & half. Stir well. Vegies should be soft by now. Pour them into large pot (be careful, some splashing may occur). Stir evenly. Now, add the clams and oysters. If the mix seems a little thick, add just a little water. Stir well. Take a sip of wine. Add salt (about a teaspoon should do) and fresh ground pepper (same teaspoon). Now, pour in the rest of your wine, stir well, and remove from heat, serve it up. WARNING!!!!! This chowder is so good, it will make you want to slap your moma, so ask her nicely to leave before serving.

I hope you enjoy making and eating this dish!

Namaste                           from Ron’s Kitchen

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part 1 of          Acceptance

“War” on Christmas Heats Up In Texas…

(from a post in “

It is at these times that the Pagan community needs to come together, not against the Christian religion, but in support of our own unity between diversity of faiths, paths and beliefs.

As a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, and other non-Christian followers were pretty much still in the broom closet. So the only opponent Christians had were Atheist and “Non-believers”. At that time, we were told (as Christians), “make sure and set a good example” and “We don’t need violence or anger. Jesus didn’t, so we wont.”

Now, there are so many other religions and a prominent presence of the Pagan community. So instead of returning to their “roots”, or Biblical New Testament writings, Christians are feeling threatened, and holed up in a corner. And just like a wild cat cornered, these folks are blindly thrashing out, unfortunately in ignorance of the Constitution and the civil and human and religious rights of others.

So it’s our turn. “Lead by Example”. For most of us (I dare not speak for everyone), we practice a tolerant, earth based faith, respecting (and caring for) all living things. That should (if it doesn’t) include those of a different faith or religion. As we are eager to point out that some Christians are not following their own doctrine, It is easy sometimes for us to become frustrated and angry, then forgetting our own.

The time is now, for us, the Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft and other Earth based faiths to come together as the brothers and sisters that we all are and lead by example, being aware of our language and tones, and actions while in the company of Christians and other faiths and religions.

The Christian community in general, has taken the lead for many decades. But time and time again, fail to lead because of the examples their leaders set. It is also the reason so many of us have turned to Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidism, Shamanism, and other “Non-Christian” faiths and beliefs, For true answers, leadership, direction and guidance without prejudice.
There are actually those on the “Front lines” of this “war” as we speak, assisting a family in Bowden, Georgia. At the bottom of the page, you can read the story.
These are the examples we should be following and setting for all of our brothers and sisters, young and old in the rest of the country, in the rest of the world.
It begins with Acceptance.
We accept that there are over 7 billion people on this planet. We accept that with that number, it is impossible for everyone to follow one specific faith or religion. We accept that we have and will have neighbors that follow a different faith or religion than we do. We also accept that those same neighbors are of our Mother Earth, and as such, are our brothers and sisters. We accept that we can love and respect them as we do all living things, even though we follow different faiths and religious beliefs. Let US set the example.

Ron Wheeler

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A Short History Of Me (completing my intro)

After reading some intro’s from other blogs, I realized that I haven’t completed my intro. It helps sometimes to know a bit about someone while reading their blog. It lends a bit of perspective, where they are, have been, experiences, etc.

I won’t tell everything though, as that might bore you to bits and besides, one day it might make a decent book:)

I was born and raised in Metro Atlanta, on the southside of town. I remember growing up with the airport. Yes, with the airport. When I was 5 or 6, we moved to a house that was right next door to the airport. The only thing that separated us was a huge thicket of woods. Being only 6 at the time, It was a huge forest. But the forest got cut down and bulldozed over. There, they built the “Flying Tigers” air cargo terminals. The house I grew up in (well, till age 11) is no longer there. We moved to a nicer home

when I was 11. I learned a lot during the time I lived there. I had my first crush, I fell in love (I thought), I experienced the death of our long time family pet. I was like most of the other kids in the neighborhood, but at the same time, I knew I didn’t quite fit in. And at that time, I had no idea why, and that made my life at school, home and even socializing difficult.

I left home a couple of months before my 17th birthday, and I had barley a clue about what life was really about, but I wanted to find out. I joined the Marine Corps a month after my 17th birthday.

And to keep a long story short, because of my childhood, boot camp was a breeze!

After six months of training, I wound up stationed in Charleston South Carolina. The swamp! I went through all this to wind up in a swamp!?!? Well, it was what it was. So I tried to make the best of it.

It was then that my “gifts” started poking their heads out. In our barracks, some of us used to get together to hang out, or just to talk. It was during these “talks” that I began channeling. No, I didn’t go into a trance and my voice didn’t change nor did my eyes roll back into my head. The only thing that I remember changing was that my energy level rose, like I was plugged into a wall outlet, and that I spoke a bit faster. But I guess that went un-noticed. But what came out didn’t! Always was the question “How do you know this” and often was my answer “I don’t know”. At the time, I didn’t have a clue about spirituality, channeling or psychic abilities. So, I started reading all I could about religion and spirituality. But that didn’t last long. At 18, I met Mechelle and fell in love. A dark skinned, long haired beauty, I was smitten on our first date. At 19, just before time to get out of the Corps, I was a dad. Then we got married. Again, long story short, being young and having little life experience, the marriage was a bit rocky at best. Also, my study into religion and spirituality took a back seat….way back. So life goes on…I get out of the Corps, job in, job out, for the next few years. Skip ahead to 1992…After being frustrated with an employer, I decided that it would be a good idea to get out of Georgia for a while, so I moved back to Charleston, in the summer of 92′. I didn’t know it at the time, but somehow I had developed Graves Disease. And over the next six months, my health deteriorated drastically. By December, I was like the walking dead! During that time it was getting more and more difficult to find work, or even to hold on to it as my health went down hill. And no, I didn’t go to the doctor. Working only temp jobs, I had no insurance, nor did I have military benefits (that’s another story). December 25, my Christmas gift from my wife was “I don’t want to be married anymore”. Holy crap! As if I weren’t going through enough! February 3rd….I can’t deal with the heart palpitations any more, so I cal EMS, just to come check my BP. It was off the charts! A needle here, injection there and I was in la la land, off to the hospital. After the first day in CCU, (3 days total) I found out I had graves disease. My weight had dropped to 150 pounds. Yeah, the walking dead.

So on to recovery. At the beginning, I was on meds for my Thyroid problem as well as for blood pressure. But they weren’t cheap. About three months later, I stopped taking them. It was at that time that I started studying spirituality and anything having to do with “mind over body” work. And for about 5 years, I took a vacation from society. I studied all I could about mind over body, meditation, spirituality, etc. In 98′, I moved back to Georgia. Everything started looking up for me. A good job, my two son’s lived with me, so we were able to spend a lot of time together. I bought (and lost) my first home. But even better, I was totally into discovery of who and what I was and why I was here.

After my initial realization, most of my questions were answered. I started following Paganism, and started studying Wicca, the Craft, and my own deepening spirituality. I also resumed using my gift as a channel, a medium for Spirit to communicate with those that needed help or direction.

Fast forward to present….So now, while reading my posts, I hope everyone has a bit more understanding of the why’s and how’s about my writing, about me.

Now days, with all the changes going on in the world, technology to the point where, when I post this, within seconds, someone in another country can read it. It also means that news spreads like wild fire as well, especially bad news. And that makes it hard sometimes to be human. See, we are ALL spirits, all here to learn the human condition, to learn all of the different experiences that the human species goes through. So good or bad, up or down, they are merely stepping stones, building blocks, each one a brick on our individual paths.

That’s all for now, but I’ll end with my favorite quote of all time:

We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are Spirits having a human experience!

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2012 My Prediction

First off, let me say this….I’m a simple guy, born and raised in the south of the USA. I graduated from high school, even took a few college courses. Mostly I found them quite boring, not at all what I was interested in. So in my writing, you will not find words that you can not understand. There might be an occasional “$5 or $10 dollar word”, but not much. If you are offended by that, then I suggest that you go back to your tea and WSJ and NYT. I write to share my thoughts with those that are interested in a different point of view, expressed so most anyone can understand. Now, back to the post……

I’ve been reading and listening to all the hub-bub about the year 2012, next year, right around the corner. Have you built your doomsday shelter yet? Got it all stocked full of canned goods and bottled water? Radio, batteries, flashlights, candles? Excellent! It’ll come in real handy if a tornado rips through your neighborhood.
Doomsday, 12-21-2012? Not hardly folks. But don’t mark 2012 off your “memorable events” calendar quite yet. Yes, we will be looking at change but it won’t be the “big one” that wipes humanity off the earth. Yes, we will still have earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and all other event’s that mother earth decides to put upon us. These things are the natural order of things, going on since before humans dropped in on the scene.
No, the events beginning in 2012 will be much bigger than those. What is it? We will be looking at the next step in the evolution of humanity. No, we won’t start growing a third eye (physically speaking). We won’t start loosing our little toe (it still helps our balance). No, the next step in humanity’s evolution will be of a Spiritual, conscience nature. “So I’ll be able to levitate my little sister?” No, not quite.
What I am seeing is far better. It will be the beginning of the end….the end of so many disasters we have brought upon ourselves. The end of children being hungry in the streets, of war decimating whole countries, of over population, of homelessness, of intolerance, hatred and ignorance.
We will begin to see many more cultures, communities, countries, faiths, religions and philosophies, joining together, not to fight neighboring countries, but to make this world a better place to live for all of humanity.
We have seen spurts of this here and there lately, groups seeking financial equality and responsibility from big corporations and governments.Even though the “Occupy” movement went world wide, it’s only a spark compared to what’s coming down the pike.
“But there are already over two hundred thousand groups worldwide fighting for change!” Yes, this is true. But as you can see from daily news and events, these groups make progress on a very small scale compared to the over seven billion people on this planet.
My prediction is that our little petty bickering will end because a new level of consciousness will evolve. There are already people, whether they know it or not, in place all over the world, ready to help, to guide others in this evolution. Yep. I just heard a huge collective “Ah-ha!”.
This isn’t going to be an over night change in humanity (I don’t think). It will take a few years to come all together. Let’s face it. Seven billion! That’s a lot of people! But it is coming. Look inside yourself. Take a good, long deep look. Are you ready?

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“Can’t we all just get along?”

“Can’t we all just get along?”. An iconic phrase of the 90’s. Used more often in jokes, comedy sketch’s, and late nite monologues, than the original intent. Sure, it was a great way to diffuse arguments and conflicts….mostly in the movies, and in heated discussion, sure to get a laugh.

I read an article from Patti Wigington’s post in about a writer who had questioned whether or not she should follow her future (she was looking into Paganism as an alternative to her current religious beliefs) fellow pagans in bashing Christians, or those of Christian faith. The answer Patti gave was very good, and I hope it helps the young lady and gives her a bit of direction in her life.

But in reading the post, I began thinking on the subject myself. And the inevitable question resulted: Why does one religion or spiritual belief group feel as if it’s right to bash another? Again, Patti’s answer to the young lady rang out: It isn’t usually the whole group. Most often, it’s a single person or a very few that are actually doing the bashing.

But still the question persist, now more specifically: What gives a person the right to bash another person because their beliefs are different?

Here we are, all of us, and the year is 2011, almost 2012. Our technology has taken us to the moon and back.

It allows us to peer deep into the universe, to wonders we have yet to be able to understand. It has placed roving robots on Mars. It allows us to express ourselves in a web based social format that can be seen world wide within seconds. It has given us the A-Bomb, the H-Bomb, and the F-bomb. Two of these bombs destroy cities, the other usually brings audiences to tears from laughter.

But with all our technological advances, all to help “improve the quality of life”, we, human beings, sometimes still act as primitive as we did one or two hundred years ago. And social, religious and status bashing is high on the list as the worse acts by a group or an individual.

Every person has the right to pursue and believe in what ever deity and religion they want (in most countries).

Personally, I once followed the Christian faith. I eventually came to the conclusion that the Christian faith wasn’t working for me, so I sought out what would work for me, and I found it. So now, I consider myself Pagan (see my earlier post “Apple Pie”), and I am very happy with that. Does that mean I am obligated to bash or hate the Christian community? Certainly not! Does it mean that I have a distaste for anyone or all things Christian? No, not at all. Why? Here’s why…

The Christian community (or any individual there of) has no control over what I feel or what I believe. Nor does any other religion , faith or belief system. I am in control of my own faith and beliefs, and in that, no one can change it. And that same rule applies to every person alive, no matter what there religious or spiritual persuasion is. Given that, I have no right to tell someone else that their religious or spiritual beliefs are wrong, and again, that applies to every living person, regardless of their faith. And it really is, as simple as that.

We are seven billion strong on this planet and that number grows by leaps and bounds every hour of every day. The planet isn’t getting smaller, the human population is getting bigger. I almost all parts of the world, it is inevitable that people come in contact with other people on a daily basis, and with the world wide web and population explosions as they are, the number of person to person contacts in everyday life can only grow. Are our neighborhood, community, city, state and country priorities right? Before we, as a species, can continue to move forward, we have to place one goal at the top of our list.

Acceptance. Acceptance of who and what each one of us are. If the “Cookie Monster” is your god, your deity, and you must live your life all things “Cookie Monster”, then so be it. I don’t hate you for it, and you certainly can’t hate me if I don’t follow along. A ridiculous example? Of course. But you do get the point.

If we as a whole and as individuals do not start practicing acceptance of one another, we will continue in this “one step forward, two steps back” mode that we are in.

If you have a problem with another religion, don’t seek out it’s followers to try to convert them or solve “their” problem. Most likely, the best place to look to fix that problem is within. Take a good long hard look in the mirror, past the skin, hair and eyes. Look deep within yourself. Maybe the change needs to take place there.

In the coming new year of 2012, there are a lot of predictions abounding. I will only list my prediction.

I don’t believe that the end of the world is coming, nor the end of humanity (not anytime soon, anyway).

I believe that 2012 will be the beginning of something great, of the next step in the evolution of humanity.

Of course this is only my prediction, my belief. And I also believe that if we don’t stop the childish bashing and start practicing acceptance, we will miss out on a great many things.

“Can’t we all just get along?” Yes we can. Practice Acceptance.

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Merry Christmas! or Happy Holidays! or Whatever!

OK, almost everyone I know knows that I’m Pagan, and those that don’t, well, now you know.

But even as a Pagan, I am sooo very tired of hearing and reading about the bickering back and forth about

which greeting is correct! As a child growing up in the sixties and seventies, we didn’t have the media coverage that we have grown so accustomed to now. There was no internet, world wide web. There was print, radio and television, and TV only had a handful of channels then (And remember the rotary phone?) So unless you were a TV or movie star, or a politician running for a major office, your worries, concerns and comments were heard only by your immediate family or local community.

Now days, if you have a gripe about something, the whole world can know about it within minutes!

And that’s how it starts. What I want to know is this: What person, with their huge ego running their life, with nothing better to do but complain about a greeting, started this mess?

Again, I am Pagan. That means that I don’t practice an “organized” religion. It also means that I don’t practice Christianity. But that is my choice. I don’t hate Christians. Some of my friends are Christian as well as my brothers and sisters, and I love them dearly. I just happen to disagree with most Christian philosophies and schools of thought.

But again, that’s my choice.

But all this ridiculous hub bub over which greeting is correct has got to end!

Listen people…if you are Christian, and someone tells you “Happy Holidays”, then do your self a favor and respect that persons rights to believe what ever form of Spirituality or religion he or she chooses! And the same applies if some one says to you “Merry Christmas!”. Respect that persons rights to believe in Christianity, no matter what form it is. No matter what the greeting, at least another human being is showing decency by showing a friendly greeting.

Now if you are a Christian, and you have a problem with someone saying “Happy Holidays!” to you, then the problem is probably not the other person. It’s most likely you. Look deep within yourself and check the example you might be making.

If you are not Christian, and the greeting “Merry Christmas” offends you, then maybe you have some personal issues to work out with a therapist or a counselor (I am available).

After all, IT IS ONLY A GREETING, one human to another, wishing them happiness, wishing you happiness!

If you have a problem with someone wishing you happiness (Scrooge) then I suggest you either stay home, turn off the radio, TV and internet, and read some Charles Dickens. Also make an appointment with a mental therapist.

Folks, with all the other issues we could be trying to resolve, that are so much more important than how you receive a greeting, let’s put this one away. If you really have a need to be nit-picky, try going to your local city counsel meeting. Get involved with REAL issues and make change there.

Having said all that,

I would like to wish all of my christian friends and family a very merry Christmas. 🙂

To all my non-Christian friends, I wish you merry Yule, and happy holidays. 🙂

And I wish ALL of you Brightest Blessings, Love and Light

Ron “ShamanRon” Wheeler

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Unconditional Love

Since I have a smoke now and then, and I only smoke on the front porch, I pass the chair next to the door every time I go out. It also happens that my cat, Shadow, loves to slumber in that chair. And Shadow, being alert as cat’s are, always looks up to see what’s going on. And being my “familiar”, he usually makes eye contact. And my last trip to the “smoking area” was no different. So I looked at him and smiled, asked if he wanted to go out, and winked at him. Yes, I love my cat. He sleeps either next to my pillow or at the foot of my bed (depending on my degree of snoring that night). When I go to bed, he comes right along. We have a ritual as well for bed time. He chases my socks as I toss them into the laundry pile, then he eagerly awaits the next part. I have a laser toy mouse, just for him. After I lay down, he sits, quickly looking around, then looks at me, meows and chatters his teeth! It’s amazing! I’ve come to the conclusion that he is asking for his toy and play time. So I get the toy and let him chase the little laser dot all over the room for five or ten minutes. Then it’s time for sleep. Off go the lights. That’s when he jumps up on the bed, waits for me to get settled, and picks his spot to settle into, It has to be within my arms reach so I can pet him and scratch behind his ears or his belly. And almost every time, he walks up to my face and give me what I call a cat kiss. It consist of him touching his nose to mine. That simple. Then he lays down, and we both sleep.

Now I’m not sure how other people treat or interact with their pets, but I can only describe that as unconditional love.

I love my cat, and my cat loves….his human! The same applies to my dog, but she is relegated to living outside. She gets too excited and pees every where. But I love my dog, and she loves her human!

Unconditional love. So how is it, that humans, evolving from animals (if that is your belief), have lost most of that that is only natural in animals? And all animals (that I know of) have this, an unconditional love for each other, within their species. I have witnessed grown tigers and lions play, roll around on the ground, and groom each other. And thanks to Nat Geo, we have seen footage of monkeys, chimps and gorilla’s doing the same. And they spend hours grooming each other, picking the bugs from each others fur. And here is the point of all this: they (the animals) do this, regardless of sex! Male and female participate in these rituals! Studies also show that because of this behavior, the animals develop a tight social bond, within their own species of course. And we, as humans, are not far removed from these primates. So, my question is, what happened? Now I do love my brothers, my sons, and I have at least one male friend that I love dearly, as a brother. Now don’t get me wrong. I have no desire to sit for hours grooming and picking bugs from my male relatives or friends. Or females for that mater.

But has the human race evolved so much, and embraced technology so that we no longer embrace “unconditional love”? It’s only natural for mothers to have that love for their children, and immediate family members for one another. But what about the rest of society? Have we let our ego’s become the ruling factors in our lives?

The only time animals recognize sexuality is while mating or when trying to attract a mate.

Now I’m not suggesting that we greet each other all the time with a kiss or start sniffing each others bum’s. But is there something wrong with a warm embrace between two men, or between two women? Nothing at all wrong with that. I’m only suggesting that we follow some of the examples our pets and the animal kingdom.

Spirit (the Creator, the One, God, which ever works for you) Gave us the ability to reason and to love. As a very spiritual person, I try to see and feel, the given beauty and love in everything and everyone. I think that that is the ultimate truth of Spirit. With unconditional love, there are no labels that society places on us.

No color difference, no race difference, no gender difference, you get the picture. We are all of Spirit, “Spirits having a human experience”. And as humans, we all bleed the same color, and without severe defects, pretty much physically molded the same. And even before birth, there is only one gene separating us, male from female.

Let’s start taking cue’s from our animal friends that live among us, put our egos and society labels aside, and love one another, unconditionally. It is the way of Spirit, and after all….your cat or dog would be proud of you 🙂

Brightest Blessings, Love and Light Shamanron.

Posted by: shamanron | November 29, 2011

Apple Pie

A question I am often asked is “What faith are you?” or “What path or denomination do you follow?” Wow! For some people, these are simple questions with simple answers. But for a lot of “Spiritualist”, not so much. I finally reduced my “path” as a mutt. Yep, a mutt. No, I’m not a mixed breed of dog, but I am a mix of spiritual paths and beliefs. “OK Ron, now you have me a bit confused”. It’s quite simple actually, if you compare my “Spirituality” to apple pie. First: I am as “American as apple pie.” It has taken many decades, many generations to make this great country of ours. People from all over the world have come here seeking fame and fortune and most of all, freedom. Without all of these people that have made this great land of ours, well, we might just be a simple as an apple and no pie. We have mixed and blended until we have become the stew pot of the world.
Second: As any good cook or baker knows, it takes a few ingredients to make a great apple pie (especially if the crust is from scratch). “But there are several different recipe’s for apple pie!” Exactly! As there are several different recipe’s for apple pie, there are several different “recipe’s” that make us “Spiritual”. If I follow only Christianity, then that makes me a Christian. If I follow only Wicca, then that makes me only Wiccan. If I use only an apple to make a pie, well, I don’t have a pie, I only have an apple. At some point in my life, I realized that there is so much more than believing in and following just one path or form of spirituality. So I started studying different faiths, denominations and beliefs. So, just as I go to my spice and herb closet for ingredients to make apple pie, I have done the same for my spirituality. A little of this, a little of that, a pinch of this, a dash of that. And Bingo! A delicious apple pie!
So if you ask someone “What religion do you follow?” and they answer “I’m apple pie.”, you will know what they mean.
And if you aren’t sure or have questions about your own spirituality, maybe you just need to make a pie 🙂
Brightest Blessings, Love and Light Shaman Ron

Posted by: shamanron | November 28, 2011

Welcome to my new Blog, my newest venture!

Greetings all!

Thank you for taking time to check out my blog. I am quite new to this, so it might look a bit awkward at first, or at least until I get the hang of this.

My name is Ron, but you can call me Shaman Ron. I am a Psychic medium, channel. No, I don’t look into a crystal ball to see your future, but through channeling, I can help with spiritual direction and spiritual healing.

I will be posting some of my experiences in this venture as well as how I came to be a Psychic.

This is all for now, but check back often as I intend to post at least once a week. And As I learn about this wordpress thing, my blogs will get better:) 

Also, if you are interested and want a reading, please email me.

Blessings, Love and Light                 Shaman Ron

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